Mini/Baby Potatoes

Mini or Baby potatoes are more and more recognised and preferred by customers. Potatoes are known for their taste but also for the fact that are washed before packaging, so they can be consumed with their skin, which includes all the nutrients.

Potatoes are imported from countries specialised in baby potato production, while they are washed and packed in Thessaloniki, aiming at highest level of freshness until the final customer. The company imports the potatoes from France and Cyprus due to their special type of soil.

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Packing options
Vertbag : 1 ή 1,5 kg
Cartonbox : 12,5 kg

Good to know :

Mini potatoes should be stored in dark and cool place. The reason is that as they are washed, they come to direct contact to sun light causing green spots on their skin, which must not be consumed.

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